I have been using the Wrapp app which ties to your facebook account for a few weeks now.  It is a way to send gift cards to your other facebook friends. Since they are new, several cards don’t cost a dime to send. They have $5 Gap, $5 Office Depot, $5 Sephora and more. The more cards you give, the more options to give open up.

If you are interested in checking out Wrapp, have facebook, and have a smartphone (required) then feel free to friend me on facebook. Once you do, sign up for Wrapp, send me a gift card and I will send one back. If there is a particular one you are looking for, just message me and I will try and get you what you are looking for out of the available list.


Right now they have a FREE $5 Toys R Us gift card available to send to your friends while they last.