There are several applications out there where you can earn rewards just by “checking in”. One of those sites it called Shopkick. You basically check into stores and scan products. You earn points by doing so. The points then can be redeemed for different things. It is a FREE app.

You can also sign up and if you enter my code: ceres3908 when you sign up we will both earn 50 kickbucks. You can cash out for a gift card with very few points. You can download the app right to your smart phone also.

Right after you downloaded the app, go to the main “Collect” screen and tap that banner at the top that says “Got a promo code?’ Enter the promo code on the next screen and your kickbucks will automatically be updated. You only have 24 hours after registering to enter your code.

Target just posted an offer of 300 kickbucks when you walk into a Target store, so get the app and head to your nearest Target and check in!

They also offer exclusive discount codes to places like Macy’s, American Eagle, Best Buy and Sports Authority.

There is another site: Checkpoints where you can earn points also. When you sign up enter code: JANE4girls for a bonus.