Garden Happenings 2014


I have been busy in my garden this weekend. Here are several things that are popping up already.  What do you have in your gardens?

New Facebook Settings – See What You Have Been Missing

Everyone has been missing content from their favorite pages on facebook and might not even realize it. To make sure you are getting the most of JANE4girls on facebook, hover over Liked, then when the drop down menu shows up, click “get notifications” and “show in news feed”.  Once you do that, then click on “settings” as shown below.


If you hover over “settings”, there are now 3 options:


Of course you want to pick “all updates” as who knows what facebook considers important or not. When I am busy through the day I will do a quick post to facebook vs the blog, especially when it is a time sensitive post. Make sure you are not missing out on anything.


Aslo be sure to “Like” or comment on posts to keep seeing them in your feed too!


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  • Coupon Lingo

    * 7 DAY COUPON - The weekly coupon found in the ads at Walgreens

    * B2G1 - Buy two get one free

    * BOGO - Buy one get one free

    * CAT or CATALINA - the coupon that spits out with your receipt

    * CRT - cash register tape aka receipt

    * ECB - Extra Care Bucks- the store credit that prints on receipts from CVS

    * ES - The monthly coupon book found at Walgreens

    * IP - Internet Printed coupon

    * IVC - Instant Value Coupon from Walgreens

    * OOP - Out of pocket - The amount of money you spend

    * OYNO - On Your Next Order

    * PEELIES - the coupon found on the package

    * RAIN CHECK - when a store is out of a sale item get a rain check so you can still take advantage of the sale price when the item comes in

    * RR or REGISTER REWARD - Walgreens form of a catalina

    * STOCKPILE - multiples of the same item

    * UPC - bar code of an item

    * WT - wine tag, coupon found around the neck of a wine bottle